iTunes #6: Nothing accidental about my love

Sep 16, 2004

I’ve been busy rebuilding my PC tonight, replacing a slow and buggy motherboard and CPU, cleaning out four years of dust, and praying my backups are up to date—I don’t know what I’m doing with this project, but it’s given me a challenge and if I do it right, it will be cheaper than buying a new Dell or Compaq, as cheap as they are these days. I’ve got everything hooked up, but XP just won’t boot correctly.

Anyway, I took a break from that project to search for my iTunes purchase of the day. I wanted to get a track or two from the angelic Rapa Iti, an album of Tahitian choral music featured by NPR today. iTunes doesn’t have it yet, so I went looking for love: Accidentally in Love by the Counting Crows. Figured if I couldn’t end the night with my wife, I could celebrate our ongling affair with a song about falling in love.

Anton Zuiker

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