iTunes #5

Sep 15, 2004

A few days since my last iTunes purchase as I’ve attended to other household chores in the absence of Erin and the girls (they’ve gone to Southwest Texas to visit Katherine Shaughnessy and her husband, Tom Michael).

I heard this NPR interview with Dan Zanes, and I figured I needed to get his album of old-time songs from Carl Sandburg’s American songbook. Not only do I want to help keep alive a bit of our heritage, but I’ve got a minor connection to Sandburg. His daughter, Helga Sandburg Crile, lives in Cleveland and is a dear friend of Richard Gildenmeister (aka the Book General). I once shared an enjoyable meal at Helga’s home, and I had a blast looking at black-and-white photographs created by Helga’s uncle Edward Steichen.

Anton Zuiker

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