Aug 22, 2004

My mother left a voice mail message yesterday with a recommendation to see the movie Big Fish, but I didn’t hear her message until today. As it happens, Erin and I watched Big Fish last night (we subscribe to Netflix). What a delightful film, one that stoked my passion for storytelling – see this article I wrote for the JOMC Communicator. Now I’m inspired, and Erin and I are planning a series of salons in which we’ll invite various friends to enjoy a meal in our home and share their stories.

And, I’m soon to unveil a new feature at Zuiker Chronicles Online: it will be a wiki so that any of my friends and family can share a story or two. Not sure what a wiki is? See the Wikipedia definition.

[UPDATE] The Zuiker Chronicles wiki is live. Share your stories here.

Anton Zuiker

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