Aug 13, 2004

The other night, after speckling my face with stain during the deck project, I rinsed my eyeglasses in the sink, and when I put them back on my face, I noticed that one of the nose pads was missing. Must have washed down the drain, because I never did find it. For the next two days, I wore my glasses sans the right nose pad. A visit to our local optometrist fixed that deficiency. These new rubber nosepads, so clean and stiff, make the spectacles seem like new.

I’ve worn busted glasses in the past, much to the chagrin of my mother. As a boy in Idaho, I roughed up my glasses good, and ended up with the temples taped to the rims with white athletic tape. I was a sight – especially when I stood as an altar boy in front of St. Mary Church. The best that can be said of that vision is that the tape on the glasses matched my white cassock.

I had broken glasses in high school, and college, testament to my proclivity to play sports in my street glasses. In Hawaii, my first job provided vision benefits, and I got to buy a couple of pairs of glasses. As Erin will tell you, I picked frames that were two sizes too large for my skull. My geek image didn’t change.

Contact lenses aren’t good for my eyes. Maybe LASIK eye surgery will once and for all time solve my specs problem.

Anton Zuiker

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