Aug 10, 2004

Eight years ago, our family and friends and teachers and mentors gathered at John Carroll University and the Shaughnessy home to witness and celebrate the beginning of our marriage. Thank you for being part of our community, and for walking with us these last 8 years. Erin and I are happy, in love, healthy and still agog at our good fortune.

When I came home today, the girls were napping, so Erin and I continued to work on the deck. We got the rails and slats stained by dinner, and then sat inside listening to night descend upon our wooded neighborhood. These last three days have given us glorious weather, the first cool nights to let us open the windows to hear the crickets.

I looked at Erin, so unbelievably deep. I looked at Anna, so smart as she sang along with the radio, ‘Ain’t nobody that can sing like me.’ I looked at Malia, so proud to be strong enough to pull herself up from the floor. I looked around this glowing home, and I was very, very happy.

Thank you, Erin, for a wonderful relationship.

Anton Zuiker

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