Aug 8, 2004

I’m sitting in the living room with an Apple PowerBook on my lap, and I’m connected via an AirPort Extreme base station in the other room. I bought the laptop on Friday afternoon, but I only opened the box this afternoon – two whole days to dicker with my old desktop system (a hodgepodge of parts running Windows XP; it’s served me well these last 4 years), which crashed for the second time in two weeks, and power wash the deck, and trim the dead branches of our many trees, and visit with my friend Sabrina and her husband, Keith, at their wonderful Chapel Hill home, and wash the Honda CRV with Anna … and obsess on ways to return the laptop to get an additional $150 discount. But, Erin talked me down from the ledge and made me chill, and told me to enjoy this beautiful little computer that I’ve yearned for for more than a year.

Anton Zuiker

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