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Jul 9, 2004

Earlier this year, as part of the Narratives of HIV series at UNC-CH, I hosted the documentary filmmaker Robert Bilheimer for a campus screening of his powerful AIDS film A Closer Walk. With the XV International AIDS Conference starting tomorrow, it’s a good time to remind you to purchase a DVD of the film. I learned today that the first 30 minutes of it are available through General Motors here. (Note: you’ll need Real One or Windows Media to view this.) At least watch the opening five minutes.

On my last night in the Carrboro apartment, I stayed up late watching a reality TV show called The Restaurant. As much as I hate reality TV, I enjoyed watching this show, if only because the pettiness, petulance and piss-poor attitudes of the waitstaff reminded me of my times working in a restuarant. Anyway, there’s an article about the show—it’s devolved into a lawsuit and conflict—that’s worth a read even if you haven’t seen the show: Spaghetti Western.

The cover story of the July issue of Harper’s is an essay on the deplorable condition of public health . (NB. This link gives the full text of the article, which I’m sure breaks Harper’s copyright.) Physician Ronald Glasser more or less rehashes what Laurie Garrett has written in her well-received books. Still, the point needs to be made, and his abrupt ending is startling.

And for the ears … When I was in the Peace Corps, Erin’s mom taped NPR shows for us. Now NPR broadcasts on shortwave, too.

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