Where to eat

Jul 1, 2004

Moving from my beloved Carrboro/Chapel Hill means having to find new restaurants. I happened upon this page today, and was impressed to learn of the many good eats in our new neighborhood. (We’re exit 278 on this chart). When you come to visit us in Durham, should we go out for a meal, you pick. Though, with the money we invested in our kitchen, there’s no reason I can’t put together a tasty meal at home.

Last night, there were more home projects, including hanging a mirror in the closet, installing the remaining knobs on the kitchen drawers and putting up a cabinet in the bathroom. Erin and I also attempted to install a new hood over the range. The old hood came out easily enough, but then we had to reposition the wiring behind the drywall – a few hammer strokes to knock a new hole, and a hanger to thread the wiring between the studs helped. We were close to being finished when I realized I’d need to nail up some braces to which the new hood would be screwed. We quit for the night.

It was late now, and I was tired. I put the new hood back in its box. I picked up the box. The hood fell through the box and onto the new wood floor – I’d taken the staples out of the box so it wouldn’t scratch the flooring, but now instead I had three deep gouges in the wood. I swore, I nearly cried, I got yelled at, I took a shower, I went to bed remorseful but aware that there are more important things in life than whether a floor stays perfect.

Now, which of our neighborhood places has the coldest beer?

Anton Zuiker

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