Boxing day

Jun 19, 2004

The house is shaping up so nicely. Erin’s eye for the little touches has remade the house better than any Fab 5 guys could. At her direction, Butch McCarty (who is here for a second week to help us; he loaded up the tool shed with tools on loan) and I put knobs on the kitchen cabinets, which Erin and I had refinished with a coat of polyurethane yesterday. We’ll be adding shelves and lights and new toilet seats, too.

For the last few months I’ve been watching the Sunday ads for a deal on a steel lateral filing cabinet, and I’d budgeted about $250 for the much-needed item. Then, on a hunch, I did a google search for ‘used office furniture’ and I found my way to Thrifty Office Furniture, and in that packed warehouse I found a scratched but unused steel cabinet for $75. Even better, as we were wheeling it out to the car, a key fell out. The store manager had told me none of his cabinets had locks, but my luck held out.

Now the filing cabinet is in the new house, just waiting for the dozens of new files – each representing new debt – this house purchase has engendered.

Anton Zuiker

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