Jun 17, 2004

In our home, we eat rice nearly every night. Our preferred grain is a Thai jasmine rice, and I’m so used to making it that I don’t even measure the levels of rice or water when I fill the pot. Anna loves her rice, too, and reminds us of Enna in Liro Village – she loved to fill her mouth with a glob of white rice. Of course, on Paama, rice was a constant meal item, just like it is for billions of other people.

I’ve spent the day learning about rice. Here at NCSU, where I’m working a temporary job in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences communications department, there is a center that specializes in rice genetics and the fungus that devastates rice crops.

In the course of my research, I came upon the Food and Agriculture Organization’s International Year of Rice 2004 site. It’s a good resource for information about rice production and nutrition. So, get a bowl of rice, sit down to your computer and read up on this ubiquitous grain.

Anton Zuiker

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