Welcome, child

May 2, 2004

The Sacrament of Baptism to welcome Malia Katherine

May 2, 2004

Newman Catholic Student Center Parish
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Fr. Phillip Leach

Parents: Erin and Anton Zuiker
Sister: Anna Olivia Zuiker
Godparents: Mary Claffey and Nicholas Zuiker
(proxy: Michael Claffey)

Hawaiian name for Mary,
who will watch over you.

Name of aunts and grandmothers,
more family to love you.

sugar, sweetness
savoring the traditions of our fathers and mothers.

This is new life, awesome and miraculous
Entrusted to us. We turn to you
Mary, Nick, Michael and our community
to ask you to join in nurturing in Malia
the spirited compassion of Christ
the baptism of belief
the gathering of God in our lives.

Anton Zuiker

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