What terrorism?

Apr 19, 2004

This floored me today: Ridge announces terrorism task force

To help ratchet up defenses, Ridge announced the creation of a working group to focus on key vulnerabilities, such as rail and air travel, chemical facilities, the transport of hazardous materials and the nation’s electrical grid. Members of the group will come from nine other government agencies as well as the Department of Homeland Security. The group will reach out to local government officials, police and the private sector to review and, in some cases, speed up the implementation of security measures. Two recent presidential directives called for the creation of the group.

Doesn’t it seem simply incredible that two-and-a-half years after 9/11, and many months into the 9/11 commission investigation, and in light of the fact that Congress created the Department of Homeland Security, that only now Ridge and Bush have gotten off their asses to think about terrorism? What the hell have these guys been doing? (And yes, I’m aware of the fact that George Bush has spent 233 days on vacation at his Texas ranch.)

Anton Zuiker

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