Apr 5, 2004

Today’s NY Times has a front-page article about HIV among African-American women, and the article features the North Carolina HIV-in-college-students story … which just happens to be the subject of my masters thesis project that I successfully defended before my committee of advisors this morning. Great timing, eh? Wish my byline could have been in the Times. After a dozen or so corrections and additions to my thesis, I’ll be finished with all the requirements for my M.A. degree in medical journalism. Wow!

I will get my diploma at graduation on Sunday, May 9, and the next day my father is taking me to the Dominican Republic, where we’ll visit the town in which he served as a Peace Corps Volunteer 40 years ago. We started talking about this trip back in 1998 when dad and dot and Matt visited me and Erin on Paama Island, where we were PCVs.

Before that trip, I hope to make some more improvements to Zuiker Chronicles Online. As always, I want to improve our sense of online community and increase your participation on this site (whether you are family or not). Please share your suggestions as to how I can better this site – and yes, I’ll post more pictures more frequently! I’ve got some great photos of Malia and Erin and Anna.

Anton Zuiker

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