Going Home

Feb 15, 2004

UPDATE: My mom called just after midnight, only half an hour after I wrote this post, with news that my grandma Virginia Sisco passed away shortly before midnight. “No more pain for her,” said my mom. Grandma was a strong, strong woman, and she’s at peace now.

Here’s a video clip from last summer. Grandma gives a synopsis of her life – please help us fill in the details. Share your memories of my grandmother – click the Comments button and enter your tribute to her.

ORIGINAL POST: A wet, heavy snow was falling this evening when I zipped up to campus to retrieve a textbook I’d forgotten, and in the parking lot was a car with Georgia license plates and a sticker for DeKalb County. My mind’s been on another DeKalb County this weekend, where my maternal grandmother, Virginia Sisco, is gravely ill. She is an amazing woman and grandmother, and I wish I could ease her pain in her final days. My thoughts are with you, grandma.

Anton Zuiker

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