Week-end notes

Feb 6, 2004

Been a busy week – see the next post – but here are some highlghts:

I had an exhilarating chat with Henry Copeland of Blogads. Henry recently got Instapundit to run blogads, including one for a candidate in a Kentucky Congressional race. If you’re a blogger with a growing readership (I’m stuck at 100 or so per day), give blogads a visit and consider his services.

Malia had her four-week visit to the doctor, and she’s healthy and well, up to nearly 12 pounds and 22 inches. Amid my high-blood-pressure studying and series-preparing this week, Little Malia has offered me an opportunity to hold her and coo-coo. Love is so good for the heart. (Erin slipped a note into my lunch one day this week to tell me how proud she is of my hard work. That made my week.)

I heard Cory Doctorow speak yesterday about copyright issues. See my fellow blogger Justin’s post from the event.

My grandmother, Virginia Sisco, is in the hospital. Your prayers for her, please.

Anton Zuiker

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