Arizona reunion

Jan 20, 2004

There was a mini Zuiker reunion in Arizona earlier this month, and Grandma Clarice reports that the group had quite a lot of fun:

We had a lovely room overlooking the Mts. and we could see the fountain in the distance. The dining room was so comfortable with good service. What would we have done without the swimming pool and jacuzzi and poolside appetizers. Then on Sunday our big party for cousins and friends at Pancho’s – buffet style – all you can eat for $6.99. Interesting dining. Nancy and Larry opened their home up as a bed and breakfast . Besides they had breakfast and dinners for everyone besides appetizers, and a pig pickin’ cake – they tell me it was Aunt Verna’s recipe. I can’t wait to bake one. It is so good. I had a great time, so relaxing – a lot of laughs and I can’t forget our little Asher – such a good boy he is like a little Nemo in the water. Thank you Julie for letting Asher visit us. And what a great surprise Joe had for us – he had leis shipped in – maybe 25 – created quite a stir – I hope there will be some good pictures. Beautiful memories. Love, Mom
I’ve put out a call for pictures of that gathering. Stay tuned.

Anton Zuiker

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