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Jan 7, 2004

Malia and Erin came home today, and are comfortably resting in the apartment that is warm and moist from the savory cooking of Joanne (Erin’s mom). I’ve posted more pictures in the Malia Katherine album at right.

Classes at UNC started: I’m not taking classes this semester, but am still assisting with the large J50 class. More about my academic load later this week.

Mary Claffey (Erin’s sister) and I attended a lecture, at the well-appointed business school, by David Brooks, columnist for the New York Times. He was enlightening and entertaining, though his caricaturing of the American suburban and exurban political classes was a bit overbearing. Brooks, I contend, is a brilliant observer of societal change, but his new role as a conservative political columnist is a coat that doesn’t quite fit him.

Anton Zuiker

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