World AIDS Day

Nov 29, 2003

engBadge125x60.gif The numbers keep going up: this year, 3 million people died from AIDS, and another 5 million became infected with HIV. See the BBC’s special coverage; the Economist’s coverage; a report about AIDS in South Florida; Mark Schoofs Pulitzer Prize-winning series about AIDS in Africa; and a slide show about AIDS in Haiti. The graph below is from the UNAIDS 2003 report on HIV/AIDS. (Click on the image for a larger graph.)

In the next week or so, I’ll relaunch to post more information about HIV/AIDS and links to articles, studies and resources to help you learn more about the important health issue. And stay tuned for news about my efforts to bring Mark Schoofs and the documentary A Closer Walk to campus next semester.

Anton Zuiker

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