A low-key day for us

Oct 24, 2003

A low-key day for us during the 2-day fall break. Anna’s been ill, Erin’s nursing a horrible cold and I’ve got a pain in my lower right abdomen (doc says its not appendicitis). Guess the fall drop in temperatures is here. Though we might have some chilly nights, the days are beautiful, and we usually get to the park for an hour of swings and slides. Anna and I went hiking a few days ago, on a trail in the Duke Forest. We went looking for Omar the Owl (Anna met Omar at the Carolina Raptor Center on Labor Day) but instead saw a white-tailed deer, a woodpecker and a peaceful creek … which Anna fell into when I turned around to see a man walking with his two dogs. Her bottom half wet, Anna looked at me with tears of disappointment. How could you have let go, papa? I wrapped her in my Dartmouth sweatshirt and carried her home. She seems to have forgiven me, because she gave me a huge hug yesterday when I came home from my office.

Anton Zuiker

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