Thanks where thanks are due

Sep 21, 2003

My friend and mentor John Ettorre posted a tribute to Paul Kantz, who was a v.p. at JCU during my student days there. I’ve often though back to those days, and wondered if I ever really correctly thanked Kantz. One semester, with the business office threatening to send me packing, I walked upstairs to Kantz’s office and begged for his help. A day later, he called me back up to tell me he’d found someone to donate a thousand dollars to my cause. And I just can’t remember how I thanked him. I do know that, in my last week at Carroll, I joined with my Carroll News buddies PJ Hruschak and Mark Schreiner to publish an underground newsletter called The Back Door. On that handout and using information I requested from the university’s 1099 tax form, I printed the salaries of the top 10 university employees, which included Paul Kantz’s well-deserved salary. I’m torn about that – as a student-journalist, learning how to request a public document and use the information was an important activity, but did I cross the bounds of privacy? Anyway, read John’s tribute to find out just how respected Kantz is. Thank you, John, for your eloquent testimony, and thank you, Paul, for inspiring us both.

Anton Zuiker

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