No raining on Frank’s vacation

Sep 17, 2003

Before there was Zuiker Chronicles Online, there were handwritten letters from Frank the Beachcomber, photocopied and sent across the country to sons and daughters, grandchildren, family friends.

We all knew to expect Grandpa’s letters to chronicle his love of the family, his determination to get his hook and line into the water, his craftiness in finding words and phrases to let his thoughts and emotions swim out into the world.

Dear Loved Ones: Today the skies cried. Was it at long last that we finally escaped or, was it that first misty rain warned us that nothing comes easy!”

So begins his letter of September 6, 1989, datelined Camp #1 Zanesville, Ohio. Over the next nine pages he chronicles their trip through Ohio to the Outer Banks, documenting the rain, the bait, the visiting family, the sweetrolls, evacuation from Hurricane Hugo and then the final triumphant fish.

Read it here.

Anton Zuiker

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