Who, who

Sep 4, 2003

On Sunday past, Erin and Anna and I drove a couple of hours to Charlotte to visit Erin’s brother Tim, his wife, Dawn, and children Mac, Teagan and Cora. We’d wanted to have a pool party, but rainstorms so heavy that we were forced off the highway for an hour – we pulled into McDonald’s, always an oases of bathrooms and soft-serve ice cream (even though Erin and I rail against the public health and nutrition problems that arise from McDonald’s) – dashed those plans. Tim and Dawn provided a nice bbq chicken meal, and then we were on our way to visit Peace Corps friends Chad and Kristin Metzler in Davidson, NC. Chad and Kristin served on Paama, too; they shared the island with us for our second year there. We reprised our many wine-and-cheese parties that kept us sane on the island. The next morning, they took us to visit the Carolina Raptor Center. See this picture of Anna’s rapt attention to the raptors.

Anton Zuiker

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