In for repairs

Aug 11, 2003

The television, that thing that I profess to hate but which still attracts me 10 hours a week (mostly for Friday night movies and Iron Chef), is in the shop. I’d love to be able to dump it into a closet like my parents did with their Sony back in 1980. As the story goes, they were watching the news one night, and my father muttered something when the anchor introduced a story about Pope John Paull II’s visit to the States. The tv blew at that moment, and we became a tv-less family. Which was fine by me – I spent the next eight years entertained by books (Tolkien, Cussler, Uris, Heyerdahl, Clavell). Now, though, a tv comes in handy. Anna’s picking up some language skills from the Sesame Street tapes we show her. Every night, she ends the day with books, too.

My bike (brother Matt’s, actually) is in the shop, also, for a long-overdue tuneup.

Anton Zuiker

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