Aug 9, 2003

My main website, Zuiker Chronicles Online, is AWOL after a server change by my webhost. Normally, I get great service from Blogomania, but this week the administrators of the webhost, Chrisitine and Mike, were on vacation. If you’re reading this, you know that has none of my regular web pages.

So, while I had read that other bloggers and web-addicted persons actually shut down there computers and weblogs for a few weeks in August, I had that imposed on me. Not that I regret the break – with Erin back from her brief trip to D.C. and Anna learning to use the potty and how to enjoy dunking herself in the pool, I’ve had plenty to occupy myself. Still, I have a dozen items and essays to pump out and publish, and I’m yearning for the comfort of my pride and joy weblog.

Anton Zuiker

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