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Jul 28, 2003

“Pony up,” says my dad, Joseph, who is a frequent movie goer and dependable film critic. Here’s his take on Seabiscuit:

Want to go to the movies, get lost in the dark theatre and see a truly exciting movie? No kids, not Laura Croft Tomb Raider, but Seabiscuit. It is a fabulous movie for all ages. There are countless thrills during the races, numerous shifts of fortune and many characters that you will really care for until the very end. Beat that at any other film that is currently out.

This film is very exciting and will give the younger generation an idea of what the Great Depression was like ( no not the last time you were too late for the Gong Show or American Idol III – or a new reality show ” trip to the meat market”) real soup and jobless depressions like in 1930 to 1940.

Anton Zuiker

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