Eyes and ears

Jul 1, 2003

Brenda the kind nurse at the UNC Student Health Service worked on my ears for an hour today, flushing them with hydrogen peroxide until a small-lima-bean-sized plug of accumulated wax dropped from each ear canal. One of my lifelong fears has been hurting my ears by sticking things into them, so I’ve been reluctant to use Q-tips after my morning showers. Now I’ll use a cap-ful of H3O once a week to keep my ears clean. Sorry, mom, I should have cleaned behind and in my ears better.

As I’m typing this post, I’m hearing the soothing clicks of my keyboard much more clearly. But the weekly lawn crew is now outside my window with their offending motorized blowers. Achh.

After my plumbing visit to the doctor, I met with a group of UNC webloggers, others like myself who share an interest in using weblogs as a tool for personal publishing. They’re joining me in a group effort to promote weblogging on campus and in university scholarship. Watch this space in the next day or two for an announcement about the formation of a university organization for weblogging.

In the meantime, please visit the blogs of my newfound friends: Pattern Recognition, Freight Train Runnin’ thru the Middle of My Head, Jane’s Addiction, justinsomnia, IsThatLegal? and Silflay Hraka.

karen & anton for a mini reunion

As I was waiting for the group to join me at the pizza joint, I ran into good Zuiker Family friend Karen Johnson, who just so happened to be visiting a friend in Chapel Hill after camping in the Great Smoky Mountains. I last saw Karen at Frank the Beachcomber’s funeral, and remembered her fondly from the wonderful Ravens Roost Jamboree of 1984. I’ve got a few pictures of that jamboree, and I’ll try to post them soon.

Speaking of pictures online, a fantastic new photoblogging service launched today. Check out My-Expressions.com, and my sample photoblog. Look for more changes to the way photos are displayed on Zuiker Chronicles Online. If you take a lot of pictures with a digital camera, I encourage you to sign up with My-Expressions; then, let me know about your photoblog and I’ll include a link on this page.

Anton Zuiker

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