Some people

Jun 27, 2003

Even though I walked across campus through the humid, sweat-drenching afternoon to get to an appointment that was mixed up, I left the new UNC Bioinformatics Building inspired. I’d met with Myron Cohen, MD, an infectious disease expert and an intensely brilliant scientist. I heard him speak last month, and decided I needed to speak with him one-on-one to get his ideas on how I can improve my health reporting. He gave me some excellent ideas for stories, features that I will jump on this weekend; one or another of these stories may end up being part of my masters thesis project, which should be a series of in-depth articles about infectious diseases. It turns out Cohen studied journalism in college at the University of Illinois. When I walked back into the heat of the day, I was stepping lightly with an enthusiasm that stoked the fires of ambition within me. Some people share their fire, and I’m glad for that.

Anton Zuiker

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