So much more to read

Jun 7, 2003

I’ve written recently about my desire to balance my reading – see this post. This week I’ve been following the links on InstaPundit, a weblog written by professor Glenn Reynolds. Reynolds posts numerous links throughout the day, and his collection of links and quotes runs the gamut of political suasions. Some of these links have rocked my confidence in my readings; the New York Times, you no doubt know, is reeling from scandal and resignation. Now I learn that numerous writers on the web are consistently finding fault with the reporting and opinions in the Times, the Guardian of London, and other media outlets. (Paul Krugman, who I sometimes quote on this page, is getting punched for his fervent anti-Bush writings.) So, the moral of the [printed] story still remains: it’s best to read many accounts of different views, and find the truth somewhere in the midst.

Anton Zuiker

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