When it pours

May 18, 2003

She did it. Erin earned her Masters of Public Health degree from the School of Public Health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and she did it with grace, aplomb, beauty and an intellect that is always in high gear. She is amazing.

Erin and her classmates and their families gathered for a reception today at the house of our friend Jonelle. A blue tarp spread over the back porch kept a jazz band and the cooler of beer dry. Standing in the yard, I briefly admired the setting: bamboo growing on the fringes of the yard, a light rain sprinkling the deep green grass, birds chirping pleasantly—when suddenly a stiff breeze raced by, the crowd beneath the tarp yelled out to me and I looked up to have a tropical waterfall hit me squarely in the head. Only thing I could do was laugh. I’m just sorry I don’t have a video record to share with you.

The party was quite enjoyable, with pretty little Anna getting lots of compliments, Erin beaming with pride in her daughter and her degree, and lots of friends (including Briton Bieze, Diana Frick, Becky Delafield and Jonelle Allen) to congratulate.

Tonight, we’re watching the 35th annivesary special for Sixty Minutes, the best journalism on television. Please support Sixty Minutes so that television executives know that crappy tv journalism (Fox News, CNN and the others) need immediate improvement, i.e. less murder fervor and more in-depth reports on substantive issues.

That said, there’s an article in today’s NY Times about bloggers and the sharing of personal and family details. Please read the story – find it here—and leave your comments with Zuiker Chronicles Online to tell me if you think I’ve ever inappropriately shared personal or family information.

Anton Zuiker

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