I need your help

May 14, 2003

I’m planning on revamping Zuiker Chronicles Online in the next few weeks, and I need your help in choosing the new direction for the site. Please send me a message (to revamp@zuikerchronicles.com)and answer the following questions:

1. Will you visit Zuiker Chronicles Online more often if there is more family news and more pictures of more family members?

2. Do you have a digital camera, and would you like to contribute pictures to Zuiker Chronicles Online?

3. Would you like to have your own weblog on Zuiker Chronicles Online so that you can easily include your family updates, post your pictures and write your own essays and comments?

4. Would you like to have a free email account that is yourname@zuiker.com?

Thank you for your answers. Also, if you have other questions about the site or suggestions for how I can improve it, please include them in your reply.

Anton Zuiker

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