May 5, 2003

Blaine and Becky stopped over on Saturday afternoon to bring Anna a late birthday gift – a rocking horse. Anna loves it, though maybe a bit much, as she’s already pulling the fibers out of the mane. Later that day, with Anna in bed and a babysitter here, Erin and I joined Blaine and Becky for dinner at the Carrboro bistro Provence. They treated us to a grand meal, a good bottle of French wine and interesting conversation. Blaine will soon leave NC for Hawaii, where he will attend law school and use the Zuiker surfboards to cut up the waves. Becky will join him there next January after her one-year research study finishes up. Perhaps I’ll have to return this December to run the Honolulu Marathon with Blaine and my dad – dad and I ran that marathon together in 1993.

Anton Zuiker

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