Summer sensations

May 2, 2003

There’s that wonderful feeling of your bare feet on carpet after a day at the pool. Is it the warm cement around the pool, or the chlorine and water or the sun on your body that makes the feeling of feet on carpet, once you’re back home and dressed and filled with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, so delightful? Whatever it is, it happened to me today.

sketchers.jpg And there’s also the feel of Italian leather on your feet, so I went out tonight and purchased a pair of Sketchers Gran Prix Maserati casual shoes (Tom Michael gave me the idea a few weeks back).

Another of the day’s purchase – unfortunately, my bank account couldn’t afford the only real item of the day: the new Apple iPod – is Adobe Photoshop Album, with which I am now better able to organize the thousands of images I’ve taken with my digital camera.

Anton Zuiker

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