The End is here

Apr 28, 2003

The semester is finished, and with it my first year – and Erin’s second year – of graduate school. Such perfect timing, because the weather has been splendid. Today will be in the 80s, and if Erin and Anna and I can get our heads clear of the snot and tears from a cold that has raged in our house the last five days, we’ll don our suits and head to the swimming pool of our new apartment.

Our trip to Tybee Island was fun, but not altogether relaxing. Erin was ill, Anna turned 2 (already she’s asserting her independence, her forceful “NO” and a healthy scream) and final papers kept Erin and me stressed. By Monday evening, Erin had somehow managed to make all the final corrections requested by her advisors, and she was done with her masters paper. I’m so proud of what she accomplished these past two years, all the while parenting, working two jobs and being the thoughtful woman she is.

Look for pictures from Tybee later today.

Anton Zuiker

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