Apr 3, 2003

Yesterday was the beginning of my “Christ year,” as Tom Michael calls it; Tom and Katie both recently turned 33. I was surprised to hear him use the phrase, since for much of my life I wondered if I’d accomplish as much change as Jesus (I now understand that much of the Christian story is really by Paul, but the ideals of the Nazarene carpenter are still front and center in my life).

I celebrated my birthday by flying to Newark, New Jersey, where I’m now participating in a conference, at Rutgers University, for a select few student journalists who will cover science and medicine. Today we toured the New York Times and Reuters, and then saw a BBC financial news broadcast. Times Square is throbbing and thriving, though the electronic ads are annoying; one guy in just boots, a hat and a guitar and tight underpants – the Naked Cowboy – pranced around the square. Didn’t ask him for a rendition of Happy Birthday.

This will be a year in which I will write faster, live slower, eat less, exercise more, and love every breath. I will be humble and generous, thoughtful and attentive, and still committed to building Zuiker Chronicles Online. And I’ll try my damnedest to turn water into wine.

Anton Zuiker

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