When teachers return

Mar 29, 2003

Out of the blue this week I received an e-mail message from someone asking if he could have been my 8th grade math teacher. I recognized the name immediately: Todd Feitelson was my teacher at Good Hope School on St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Mr. Feitelson taught me photography, and if I remember correctly, I used my dad’s old German camera. Frank the Beachcomber visited that year, and I remember walking around the yards of our house getting tips from Grandpa; years later, Grandpa and I spent hours admiring his new Konica SLR. Now, every time I pick up a camera, I think of the Beachcomber and Mr. Feitelson. (Though you wouldn’t know it from the infrequency of the photos posted at right, I do take a lot of pictures.) Mr. Feitelson is a storied teacher at Millbrook School in New York. He made my week. Good teachers have a way of doing that.

Anton Zuiker

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