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Mar 17, 2003

So now that I’m back to the grind, I should tell you about our Spring Break trip to Costa Rica. It was a very relaxing week, and Erin and I are rejuvenated. We’ll need the energy for the coming weeks: a move to a new apartment this weekend, papers and tests and reporting projects in our classes, work duties and three trips in the next month.

Costa Rica is a welcoming country, with super-friendly people. Even the two policemen who waved me to the side of the road after I cut across traffic chatted with us and bestowed smiles (I played dumb when asked for a “tip”, and was sent on my way to “enjoy the beach”). We drove out of San Jose, the capital, and headed for the Manuel Antonio National Park area, where we stayed at the Hotel La Colina at the top of the hill. We read by and in the pool, ate fresh tuna dinners at Restaurante Mar Luna, road horses to a moutain waterfall, hiked into the national park to see three-toed sloths and capuchin monkeys and iguanas and storks and woodpeckers, and kayaked out into the bay to gaze back on the gorgeous beaches of the park. And the mangoes, oh the heavenly mangoes.

I’ll post more pictures to the right, and try to tell more about the trip through images.

Anton Zuiker

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