The Sound

Mar 5, 2003

From the 03.03.03 New Yorker profile by Philip Gourevitch about UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan:

“When he speaks, one-on-one or from a dais studded with microphones, he clearly feels himself to be speaking to the world, but he creates the impression of a man listening to himself, confirming that he agrees with himself as he goes, and allowing one to eavesdrop.”

I want speak like Kofi.

I’m especially aware of how I sound because my first television news report aired on Carolina Week tonight, the student news program that airs on campus and throughout the Raleigh-Durham area. This story was a medical journalism piece about the risks of the dietary supplement ephedra, which has been linked to the death of numerous athletes, including the Baltimore Orioles pitcher who died in Spring Training in Florida last month. My partners on the piece, Meaghan Hannan and Amanda Crowe, were awesome; together, we produced a strong piece of journalism (and only our second t.v. package).

Anton Zuiker

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