Finding the forest

Mar 5, 2003

I gave a presentation about blogging today to a group of journalism and library science students and professors. We were joined by Gary Price, a very knowledgeable librarian and an information junkie. One of his sites is The Resource Shelf. I’ve become an evangelist of blogging (you’re reading a blog right now!) and am encouraged by the numbers of interested individuals here at UNC. While we’re behind Harvard, Stanford and UC Berkeley – each institution has an effort to incorporate blogs into classrooms, research and technology – Carolina has some dynamite people (including my mentors Deb Aikat and Paul Jones) who can make this happen soon.

Later, Price gave a public presentation about the “invisible” web – all the wonderful information stored in elecrtronic databases that isn’t “on” the web but is available “via” the web. See his A Few Web Search Reminders page for some good tips that can help you get the best information.

But, he reminded us, “the phone still counts” – the telephone is still one of the most important tools for information gathering.

Anton Zuiker

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