Goodbye Ravens Roost

Jan 16, 2003

Uncle Michael sent this poem about his memories of Ravens Roost, the family land on Lake Alice in Northern Wisconsin; that sacred spot is being sold soon. Michael sent his message on the new Zuiker Family mailing list (if you haven’t signed up for the list, please do so soon):

“Memories that can’t be Boughten
It took me years, to get those souvenirs
And I don’t know how they slipped away from me”

One more time-Drive up the two lane asphalt road, through the pine, birch, polar and cedar.
See the ripple of the water as it rolls through the black silhouettes of hundreds of stumps
Hear the call of the loon
Feel the warmth of the sun in the metal row boat, as we glide up to painted turtles
Smell the pines while walking with Mom to find flowers and birds
Smell the smoke of the roaring fire
Sing one more tune with Pa playing his banjo
Feel the cold rush of pure spring water gushing from the well
Popping a cold beer to wash down the fresh cooked fish
Drop the white popper just over the lilly pad and watch the bluegill slam it
Row slightly around the bend to Mr. Kovacs protected cove
Find a salamander under the rock
Get bit by one last mosquito
Try to suffocate last nights hangover with the biggest breakfast plate at La Nou’s
Watch the lighting dance across the sky and hear the thunder roll across Lake Alice.
Climb into my sleeping bag and press my body against the soft grass and pine needles and dream about the one that got away.

Oh and so much more-One Last time!

Michael Zuiker

Anton Zuiker

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