From the road

Dec 22, 2002

Just back from the sweet film My Big Fat Greek Wedding (my first movie in a cinema in months), and it’s got me wanting to celebrate with my family. This week has been filled with reunions: first was a visit with Uncle Michael, Julie and their son, Asher, in Washington. Mike and Julie treated us to a wonderful Italian meal in Dupont Circle. That’s when I first heard the news that Uncle Terry, just months from his retirement from the Army Reserves, has been called up to active duty; my dad tells me this will be for a full year. Let’s all pray that Terry, and the rest of our soldiers, don’t need to go to war. Terry is a counselor, chaplain’s assistant and media relations specialist. After D.C., we drove to see Joel and Tracey and the girls in Bellwood, PA, and had a blast at an indoor playground where even adults could climb through the tunnels and skim down the slides. Now we’re in Cleveland with Erin’s family, with lots of cousins for Anna to hug – she gives strong bear hugs to babies that alarm everyone but also amuse us with their affection. Wherever you are this holiday season, family, celebrate our bonds.

This is probably too late for this giving season, but keep inmind for the next time you need to do a Kris Kringle drawing.

Anton Zuiker

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