Skating, running, flying

Nov 30, 2002

It’s been a relaxing few days, even though I have some deadlines looming; as you can see, I’m up late again, working on my media law paper about the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 and how its privacy rules will affect health reporters. Today Erin and Anna and I went up to the nearby Carrboro Park and Ride lot to skate on the fresh pavement. It was a beautiful day, and Anna had a blast running downhill after her rubber playground ball.

Yesterday, Sara Brant and her friend Jeff Sprague visited from Chicago via Charlotte, NC. Sara and Jeff both work for We ate leftover vegetarian chili and then went to our local dairy’s ice cream shop.

We’re starting to plan our holiday travels. We’ve got thousands of frequent flyer miles racked up with United Air LInes, and even though UAL assured us that even in bankruptcy the airline will honor those miles, we’re trying to come up with the best way to use them. We have friends and family all over the country to visit, and ideas about international destinations to visit. I’d love to get to Holland in 2003, and Erin wants to go back to Ireland. Or maybe a cruise, once Norwalk virus is cleansed from the ships. Any Zuikers have plans for a reunion in 2003?

Anton Zuiker

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