On the road

Nov 12, 2002

Dad and Dot were on the mainland last week, for the funeral of Dot’s father. Here’s what dad had to report:

What a week. Last Saturday at this time we were in Connecticut laying Mr. Lee (Dot’s father) to rest. He is buried on a hillside with two gigantic elm trees or maple trees just to the side of his plot. He is surrounded by relatives. The services were warm and celebrated his life as a kind energetic explorer who loved his family and his beaches.

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While in Connecticut we stayed in a house that was initially built in 1693. The additions were built in 1777. The house has been in the Beach family for about 200 years I guess. It was a very pleasant place to come together to celebrate the life of ”Colonel” Lee.

Then we drove to Rhode Island to the home of Ms. Lee to spend some days with her. We helped her get organized in her retirement home and then we were off to Pennsylvania. We drove for 8 hours and saw endless colorful trees. It really was very pretty. We arrived in the early evening and were greeted by two beautiful and smart little girls (Gabrielle and Mikayla). They are a real bright, lots of fun and a very endearing bunch. We have played with them since we arrived. Going to parks, raking leaves into piles to make a great jumping pile, etc. It has been a pleasure.

Right now Gabrielle is at my side about to go to the back yard and play in the gigantic pile of leaves that I raked up yesterday. We will take more photographs for a series of books that I will create during the next year. Last year I did a book for Joel aand Chris’ children. It had pictures of Dot and I and two wondrful stuffed animals also. The books were created by me and I really think they were nifty. The pile was fun. It morphed into a swimming pool full of water and then it became the world’s gratest pile of spaghetti. It was much fun.

Last night we had the pleasure of watching Joel perform in a world premiere of a new musical about Robin Hood. The local minister who wrote the musical really did a good job with the songs. They were very professional and the entire performance was top quality. Joel played the part of Robin’s friend Will Scarlet the minstrel. He did a very good job and had many lines and many scenes in which to perform.

Tomorrow church and then more parks and dinner. Dot just finished cooking a great salmon dinner with green beans, local wines and sweet potatoes. We invited Tracy’s grandfather over. He lost his wife last week. All in all many tears for all.

Tomorrow we will cook swiss steak and potatoes as a going away party and then on Monday morning we are off again to Hawaii. It will be a long trip but we hope to get back to work and to make some progress on our cases. Good night to all.

Anton Zuiker

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