Get out the vote

Nov 4, 2002

Tomorrow is an important day, and not only because its Matt’s 21st birthday! It is, of course, election day. Please, please vote, and let your ballot speak to our leaders so that they know we want serious legislators working on real issues. Personally, I’m caught, because I can’t support Republican Congressman and women who will fall in behind the single-minded and mean-spirited President, nor can I support Democrats that have little desire to actually lead. I do get to vote for a successor to the evil Jesse Helms, and I’m glad he’s finally out of the Senate. Of course, there’s a senator from Mississippi (Lott) who should go as well, and representative from Texas (Delay) who needs to be booted from his seat of power.

NPR yesterday had a surprising piece about Abraham Lincoln. A newspaper report from 1860 tells of how Lincoln walked to the poll booth and voted a straight party ticket except for his own election. Lincoln didn’ vote for himself, says the report, because he wanted his name to stand on its own. Hear the story by clicking on this: Lincoln Footnote.

Anton Zuiker

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