Nov 1, 2002

Erin and I looked around our apartment tonight and gasped at the disaster: we had more clothes on our bedroom floor than any teenager ever did. So after Anna fell asleep, we spent the evening cleaning and dusting and filing. I didn’t get around to my class readings until nearly midnight; I read up on malaria for a medical essay I’ll be writing for my Medical Journalism course, then read through the excellent We Blog, about weblogging (for example, my posts to Zuiker Chronicles Online, what you’re reading right now). I’m creating a web presentation about weblogging for my Online Communities class, and I’ll analyze how well Zuiker Chronicles Online has been able to foster a sense of community among the Zuiker family. Your answers to my earlier survey are very helpful. Here’s another chance to pipe up with your thoughts about how effective this website is in communicating family news and giving you a voice to our widespread clan – click on the Comments link to type your two cents’ worth.

Anton Zuiker

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