A short survey

Oct 18, 2002

I’ve sent an email message to everyone on my Zuiker Family list, but if I’ve overlooked you or I have an old address for you, please help me with this small project. Post your answers to my short survey by clicking the Comments link at the end of this posting. (If you’re not a member of the Zuiker Family, I hope you’ll share your comments also. As a regular visitor to Zuiker Chronicles Online, you have an important insight.)

I am taking a class at UNC about Online Communities. For this class, I’m writing a paper about my efforts to build a family website at www.zuikerchronicles.com. I need your answers to these questions:

1. How many times in the last year have you visited www.zuikerchronicles.com?

2. What features on the website do you like to use or read?

3. What can I improve about the site so that you will visit more often?

4. What about the site do you find confusing and would like me to explain more clearly?

Please be honest, and tell me as much as you can. All of this will help me write my paper and improve the website.

Anton Zuiker

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