Aug 24, 2002

Erin and I attended a cocktail party last night, where North Carolina State Senator Howard Lee was the guest of honor. Sen. Lee currently represents the district we live in, but because of redistricting and political machinations of the opposition, he’s having to face another Democratic colleague, Eleanor Kinnaird. Sen. Lee was convincing in his speech about his many years of public service and his effectiveness as a legislator representing this area. The primary election will be a close race. Are you up on who’s running in your district? This fall’s election will be an important one to send a message to our representatives—all the way up to George Bush—that America demands fairness and freedom and honesty. It would be a shame for the U.S. Senate to fall into Republican control. There’s been too much erosion of public trust by the current administration as it is. Get out the vote!

Anton Zuiker

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