Green genes

Aug 17, 2002

Genomic Revolution Our friends Blaine and Becky, who arrived back from their summer on the island of Saipan last week, joined us today for a trip into Raleigh to the wonderful NC Museum of Natural Sciences. There we saw the Genomic Revolution exhibit about the human genome project, transgenic plants, cloning and other exciting—and thought-provoking—new genetic technologies. Check out the official website of the exhibit, and see if it’s coming to a museum near you. I was particularly intrigued about the possibilities of creating plants that could produce medicines—bananas, for instance, could have a Hepatitis medicine. An interesting concept, but not without problems; what if you accidentally bought a bunch of medicinal bananas, and had a reaction to the medicine within?

What do you think about the genetic technologies revolutionizing medicine, agriculture, reproduction and life as we know it? Post your thoughts to the Comments now, please.

Anton Zuiker

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