Fresh coat

Aug 14, 2002

As an incentive to renew our lease here at Sterling Brook Apartments, the management has allowed us to paint within our unit, and so Erin has eagerly leapt to the project. Yesterday she painted one wall in Anna’s room a deep but bright shade of blue, and tonight she’s painted two walls in our bedroom a color that I see as brown but she sees variously as orange or pink. Next week, the management will paint for us the wall in our living room; that’s to be a rust color, and once that coat’s been applied, our apartment will have been transformed. We’ve spent the last week simplifying our living arrangement, boxing up unread books and dusty margarita glasses (I’ve converted Erin to gin-and-tonics, with Bombay Saphire gin and a slice of lime) to be stored back in Cleveland. As soon as classes start next Tuesday, our bookshelves no doubt will fill with binders and papers and texts.

By the way and for the record, here’s what Erin and I are doing: Erin will be in her second year of a two-year masters of public health program at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in which she is concentrating on international maternal and child health; Erin wants to work in national and international policy regarding genetic and cloning innovations and assisted reproductive technologies. I (I’m Anton, for any new readers) will be starting my first year of a two-year masters of arts in medical journalism program, also at UNC-CH. I have been awarded a Park Fellowship, which will allow me to study health and science writing for magazines, as well as online communities.

We’re ready …

Anton Zuiker

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