Morning glory

Jul 17, 2002

Erin used the day to work from home, and she gave me the morning hours to tend to some personal errands. So, I started with a run through Oak Park; this was the first time in weeks that I’ve exercised (more than walked, at least), and it felt great to get a sweat on my brow. After a shower and a quick bowl of cereal (Life), I walked up to Dini’s Barber Shop to finally get my hair cut. Tony gave me one of the best haircuts of my life, and I walked out of there feeling even better. Next stop was Todd & Holland Tea Merchants, a shop in nearby River Forest. These people know good tea, and I loitered in the shop, sipping tea, for 45 minutes; I purchased an exquisite smelling merchant’s blend chamomile tisane and a golden liquor Darjeeling. I walked home reading Malcolm Gladwell’s New Yorker article about Enron’s management style, in which the company let talented individuals jump from job to job regardless of poor performance.

Anton Zuiker

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