Jul 16, 2002

Saturday dad, Erin, Anna and I met TJ and Chris and the kids at the Oak Park farmers market, and then again later in the day at one of Oak Park’s fabulous swimming pools. Then, we drove to Palos Heights to visit Aunt Sue and Bob at their nice new condo. Grandma was there, and she came back to Oak Park with us. The next day, we all piled into the Honda CRV again and headed north to Linda and Patrick’s big house by the lake. The Kalinowskis are on the move, desperately trying to finish painting and fixing the house, and once it sells, they’re moving to Columbia, South Carolina. Today, we drove to Geneva to meet my other grandparents, Louis and Virginia Sisco. They all enjoyed a nice lunch, while Anna had me running after ducks outside near the river. We finished the day with root beer floats, strawberry smoothies and banana splits. Mmm, mmm, good. Tomorrow, dad and Grandma are off to Rhode Island, and Anna and I will try to find some cool place to wait out another hot Chicago summer day.

Anton Zuiker

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